Aug 162013

Affirmation Goddess: Express Your Way to Happiness is a beautiful set of 60 glossy cards and 148-page book full of modern and sassy affirmations for modern women.

Use your favourite affirmation to stay on track with your goals, or use the card deck as an oracle for journalling and deeper exploration.

Beautiful cards! Every card just seems to resonate perfectly!
~ Tracey Jewel 

Affirmations are one of the most effective “power tools” for intentionally bringing about positive change. This collection of affirmations by Anita Revel will help you maintain a positive mindset, override toxic thinking and bring your heart’s desires to life.

The book contains essential advice for how to create your own perfect affirmation, keys to using affirmations successfully, and tips for knowing which affirmation to choose for your situation. The affirmations are based on the seven states of wellbeing, so no matter what your situation, you will find an affirmation that is right for you.

Realise your truth, enjoy holistic wellbeing, and express your way to happiness!

  • 148 pages
  • 60 full colour cards
  • Available from the inner goddess store
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