Aug 162013

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality (now in its third edition) contains many easy and fun ways to sass up your chakras – the energy centres that rule every aspect of your life.

This attractive A5-sized guide introduces empowerment tools such as sound, elements, symbols, colours, flowers, gemstones, essential oils, movement, visualisations, affirmations and goddess messages to help bring balance and spark back into your life.

Creatrix of the 7-Day Chakra Workout, Anita Revel introduces ways you can:

  • create balance in all seven essential aspects of life;
  • recognise which archetypal goddess energy is influencing your choices and behaviour; and
  • model yourself on the archetypal role models that will see you shine your way to success.

Be guided by your intuition and open yourself to the insights offered by any one of the 49 ancient goddesses in this book. Use the advice to live fully, purposefully and with a gorgeous goddess glow.


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