We are happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts offering “real wisdom for real people”. However, submissions that do not comply with the following guidelines will be ignored.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be accompanied by a cover document which you can download here.
  2. Do not send an electronic version of your manuscript.
  3. Submissions must be typed and printed on one side of A4 paper. Use double spacing and margins of at least 2.5 cm.
  4. Ensure that all pages are numbered.
  5. Include the manuscript title and your name in the footer of each page.
  6. If your manuscript is illustrated, send sample illustrations (copies only).

What to send

  1. The completed cover document.
  2. A copy of the first two chapters of your manuscript.
  3. An indication of which “solution” you’re thinking of taking.
  4. If you would like your ms returned, a stamped self-addressed envelope of sufficient size.
  5. If you want to make sure that your manuscript has been received, include a self-addressed stamped postcard for notification.

Where to send it

Now Age Publishing
PO Box 555,
Cowaramup WA 6284
Western Australia

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